Teri E. McRae , NCG has 35 years of business, finance,
guardianship, and management experience.  

Elected as Register of Probate for Cumberland County from 2005 – 2008,
she was responsible for running the largest probate court in Maine.

In 2009, McRae, started her own business working as a fiduciary and guardian.

McRae combines her knowledge of finance, elder care management and probate proceedings to
work as trustee, guardian, conservator, and personal representative.  She is often chosen to be
health care proxy,financial power of attorney, and bookkeeper.

In 2014 McRae became a Nationally Certified Guardian.  This certification requires
adherence to National Standards and Ethics, extensive experience as Guardian and Conservator
and continuing education in the field.

Teri grew up in Denver, Colorado before earning a degree in Economics from Brandeis University
and a Masters in Finance from MIT Sloan School of Management.  In addition to tutoring students
for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, she is a competitive bridge player.  
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