Over the last 6 years we have worked with people ages 2 to 100.  We are lucky to
be able to help people and be part of their lives.  Some comments from clients and
other professionals:
McRae & Associates
Portland, ME  

Phone - (207)-797-2371
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It's Personal to Us
"Teri has had a wonderful impact on our son. She has been with my family
since 2009. She is our son's trustee.  She has always been there when we
have needed something for our son. If you are looking for someone who is
hard but fair, honest and true then Teri is the person that you are
looking for and she will make money for your trust also."  .... DL mother
"Nominating Teri for probate court appointments as guardian and conservator for
incapacitated adults has resolved several of my highly contested cases.  Families are
reassured their loved ones will be protected." ... ACP, Esq.
“Your unfailing ability to do the good thing is one of the many reasons I love
working with you/referring other people to work with you. ...MKB Esq